Veepeak USB OBD2 Scanner Adapter for FORScan with MS-CAN HS-CAN Switch, Professional Diagnostic Programming Service Tool

Reference: B07S7W14X9


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The OBDCheck MS is a professional diagnostics & programming tool for 1996 or newer Ford, Mazda, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles. It is designed to work with FORScan software which has support for manufacturer specific protocols, which means it can show you trouble codes from many other modules, PIDs which are not displayed by generic OBD2 scanners or applications, enable hidden features or disable existing features in your car, and run specific tests and service procedures. In one words, this cost- efficient combination of this scan tool and FORScan can do things that could cost hundreds at the dealer. MS CAN Support Ford and Mazda models (approximately since 2003-2004) are equipped with MS CAN bus, in addition to the regular HS CAN bus. However, MS CAN bus is not supported by the normal ELM327 based adapters, because it is a manufacturer-specific solution and uses non-OBD2 pins. With the MS CAN switch, you can access more modules and read more information. Diagnostics Read and reset diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) for all modules. Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, TPMS etc. You can check what's wrong with your vehicle on your own and possibly save you a trip and big cost to the mechanic. Sensor Readings Monitor real time sensors and other data (PIDs) from all modules. There's tons of information available in your vehicle's computers, but most of it is not displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Now you can read a whole new world of information about your vehicle. Programming & Service Function Change settings in your car such as doors & windows related, program keys, reverse tilt mirrors, tire size correction, disable double horn honk, turn on daytime running lights, disable Auto Start & Stop, and many more. Windows Compatible The device is compatible with 32/64-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It may also work with Android devices via OTG. However, FORScan for Android costs a few dollars and functions are limited. Read more Note: 1. All above features are achieved using FORScan software and not all features are available for your Ford, Mazda, Mercury and Lincoln models. 2. FORScan for Windows is almost free to download and use and you can get 2-month Extended License from FORScan. 3. If you use it with other vehicles, you will need other software and the features & functions you can get will vary depending on the software. 4. If the device is not correctly recognized by Windows or driver is not automatically installed, please follow the instructions in the user manual to install driver. 5. Please switch to HS CAN when connecting to a vehicle and switch to MS CAN only when you are instructed by FORScan.
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