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Fiio M7 Mp3 Player With Bluetooth 4.2 and Fm

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FAQ- Technical support for M7 For M3u playlists, Customer would need to read in folder instead of 'playlists' category 1. How to upgrade the M7? A: a) Download the firmware file from FiiO website then copy the firmware package file to the micro SD card. (The firmware file we upload is generally zip file, and please do not unzip it.) b) Open "Technical Support" app on the M7, click "Firmware Update", and select the firmware package file to upgrade. 2. Is the M7 running with Android? How can I navigate to previous page when there's no virtual keys on the screen? A: The M7 is running with a highly-customized Android 7.0 system. You can always use the return button "<" at the upper left of the screen to navigate to previous page. And meanwhile the M7 supports gestures: a) swipe up from the bottom-left area of the screen to return to previous menu; b) swipe up from the bottom-right area of the screen to return to home menu. 3. What kind of Bluetooth codec does the M7 support? Why there's no change after changing the codec setting? A: The M7 supports the Bluetooth codec LDAC, atpX-HD, aptX and SBC. You can change the default Bluetooth codec in Settings->Audio->Wireless playback quality. Also, please note that the change of setting will not take effect until reconnecting the Bluetooth device. 4. Why can't I search any stations using the FM Radio? A: Headphone is the antenna of M7's FM radio, please make sure the headphones are correctly inserted and go to settings>FM Radio to select the correct region for you. If it still doesn't work after that, please try to exist FM radio and enter it again or reboot M7 to try again. 5. Does M7 support USB audio out? A: Yes. But currently it can only the stable connection with FiiO Q1 Mark II, Q5 or Chord Mojo (this requires the exlcusive Type C to Micro USB cable from FiiO, the CL06). 6. Does the M7 support USB DAC? And how can I use it? The M7 can work as a DAC for computers after upgrading to FW1.0.4(click here). To enable it, please enter the pull-down menu of the M7 and click the 'Storage' icon to change the mode to DAC, or go to Settings -> Audio and check the 'USB DAC' option. After that, connect the M7 to the computer via USB and use it as USB DAC. 7.What should I do if the system crashes or freezes? Please hold the power button and play button for around 10 seconds to force a reboot. if it cannot be charged and open it ,please try to change another usb cable to charge 8.How can I access the storage/SD card after connecting the M7 to the computer? A: M7 uses the MTP protocol and couldn't be properly recognized until the MTP driver installed. Connect M7 to computer, open the disk named "FiiO"; Then, for Windows computers, copy the "SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_1590.exe" file in the folder "Windows" to a local folder on the computer (such as the desktop) and double click to install it; For Mac computers, install the driver stored under the folder "MacOS MTP Client". After that, you'll be able to access the storage or SD card of the M7. If you fail to install the MTP driver in Win10(This app has been blocked for your protection.), please try the following methods: 1. Run the driver from an administrator-enabled powershell window, right-clicking over the Windows symbol. 2.Get into Safe Mode in Windows 10 and install the driver. we have complete user manual on our website,any products problem please send information us via amazon Read more Samsung’s Exynos 7270 SoC The M7 is FiiO’s first player to use Samsung’s Exynos 7270 SoC (system on chip), which is able to get greater power efficiency and better battery life. ESS Sabre 9018 chip Within the core of the M7 lies the Sabre 9018Q2C chip by ESS, an SoC that neatly combines a high-performance DAC and headphone amplifier into one tiny package. 6-layer multi-stage HDI The M7 is the first digital audio player to contain a 6-layer multi-stage HDI (high density interconnect) PCB, the same kind that is used in the latest smartphones. Read more High fidelity wireless The M7 utilizes a Samsung Bluetooth 4.2 chip that supports the aptX-HD audio codec and LDAC wireless audio code which gives you truly high-resolution audio experience. USB audio out The USB audio digital output functionality on the M7 supports various sampling rates and DSD output (including DSD128 support). FM radio Within the M7 lies a whole another world of FM radio! Unlike many other comparable players, the M7 contains a dedicated FM chip, the Si4705. Please insert your headphones into the M7 to enable FM functionality. Read more 40 days of standby time Lying within the M7 is an 1180mAh battery that, thanks to the Exynos 7270’s advance 14nm fabrication process, allows the device to have a play time of 20 hours or more, or a standby time up to a whopping 40 days! Full touch screen operation The M7 employs a 3.2-inch 480 x 800 display with image zooming support and an innovative gesture system to get around different menus. More storage The M7 has 2GB of built-in storage and supports up to a single 512GB micro SD card for storage expansion. Read more No sweat with decoding The M7 supports up to 192kHz/24 bit PCM audio. As for audio file formats, among the supported areAPE/WAV/FLAC/AIF/DSD/M4A/WMA/OGG/AAC/ALAC/MP3 as well as CUE codec and numerous others. Getting modern with USB Type-C The M7 employs a USB Type-C connector for connectivity, enabling for both more convenience and for more functionality. Explosive colors With four vibrant colors to choose from – black, silver, red, and blue – make yourself known and jazz out with the M7! Read more

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