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Multipurpose Butane Torch MDee Kitchen

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MDee professional butane torch Why Choose MDee TORCH? MDee BUTANE TORCH ARE IN HIGH QUALITY. As cooking lover, We know how important the blow torch is to us. So, a high quality butane torch will bring us a beautiful mood.That's why we sell it. While you'll no doubt be using your culinary torch to cook your favorites delicious meals, you can also ideal for other used outside the kitchen. Like as the perfect torch kit for Cigar, Smoker Grill, Brazing torch, Welding plastic, glazed ribs,dabbing,perfectly processing Jewelry, DIY projects around the house. And once you're done whipping up a Michelin-quality meal, you can enjoy all of it by sitting with relax. How to use the torch. Press the torch button to light fire Press hard and turn clockwise to keep burning Adjusting the flame size Turn counterclockwise to close the fire. After use,press lightly and turn clockwise to lock the button Read more Multipurpose Filling gas and Key feature Note: (1) Keep the lighter out of the reach of children. (2) When using, do not face of people or object. (3) To prevent burns, please do not touch the tip after burning. (4) After use, make sure the flame has extinguished. (5) Keep the igniter away from open flames and heat sources exceeding 55°C. Description Color: BlackMaterial: Aluminum alloyFuel: ButaneWindproof: YesSize?inch?: 5.913.342.16 inch Weight(g): 190Product Includes: 1 x Torch, 1 Box,(WITHOUT BUTANE GAS) Main feature Ignition time The time of a single continuous uninterrupted ignition should not be too long. It is recommended not to exceed 1 minute. A long time continuous use will cause the product over heat, accidentally burn the skin. Second, the inside structure of the lighter has some plastic fittings. a long time continuous use will reduce the life of the product. Filling gas In the process of charging the fuel , please up side down the lighter,and then press the fuel can lightly for several times, about two seconds per press, some gas leakage is normal (the fuel needs to go inside of the steam box) The air is going to be discharged!After filling the gas, wait for 15-30 seconds (after filling gas in a short time, it is normal that it can not ignite, because the temperature of the gas is too low, the lighter should have an adaptation process!) Read more MDee torch pro Golden MDee torch pro Silver MDee dual flames torch Green MDee dual flames torch Red MDee dual flames torch Black Safety lock ? ? ? Flame lock ? ? ? ? ? Refillable ? ? ? ? ? Adjustable Flame ? ? ? ? ? Portability ? ? ? ? ? Windproof ? ? ? ? ? Flame type Single flame Single flame Dual flames Dual flames Dual flames Material Zinc alloy Zinc alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
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