ORCATORCH D520 Diving Flashlight 1000 Lumens Scuba Diving Light Submarine Light Underwater 150m Scuba Safety Lights

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ORCATORCH D520 Scuba Dive Light, 1000 Lumens, Professional Reliable Mechanical Rotary Switch, Rechargeable CREE LED Submarine Night Dive Safety Light Introduction: ORCATORCH D520 is a palm-sized diving light with a mechanically rotary switch. The rotary switch offers high reliability underwater. Using the CREE XM-L2(U4) neutral white LED, its max output can reach 1000 lumens, meanwhile the 5000K LED color temperature provides superb color rendition. Powered by one 18650 battery, its max runtime can reach 2 hours. Plus robust water pressure resistant construction, high portability and easy operation, D520 would be qualified for both recreational diving as a primary light and deep diving as a backup light. Application: This diving flashlight is an extremely versatile, super bright, designed for the scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiast. It is mainly used for diving works, underwater fishing operations, salvage operations underwater archaeological work, scuba diving teaching. Also it is an ideal choice for outdoor activities, such as fishing, diving, swimming, hiking, sailing, caving and seeking survival without fear of rainy days. The OrcaTorch D520 is great for: All recreational divers, Professional instructors, Underwater photographers, Technical divers What Type of Dives Can You Do with the OrcaTorch D520? Daytime dives, Adventure dives like night diving, wreck and cave diving and much more. Specification: Working voltage:3-4.2V Mode or stalls: 1 mode Irradiation distance: 250m (On land) Beam angle: the overall light is 72 degrees, the brighter and more focused beam in the center is 12 degrees wide. LED runtime: 50,000hours Battery: One 18650 battery (note torch operating voltage range) Waterproof level: Underwater 150m Size: 134.5mm (Length) x 24mm (Diameter) x 30mm(Head) Flashlight Weight: 113.5g (excluding battery) Body Material: High-strength aircraft-grade aluminum AL6061-T6 Surface Technology: The latest diamond grade hard-anodized Lens: Optical double-side coated glass, its light transmittance is up to 91%. Reflector: Aluminum alloy material, strong impact and scratch resistant, anti-aging, good fire resistance Packing list: 1 × D520 dive light 2 × 18650 Li-ion batteries (3400mAh) 1 × Dual battery charger 1 × Lanyard 1 × Wrist strap 3 × Waterproof O-rings 1 × User manual 1 × After-sale card 1 × Sticker Read more Operation: 1. ON/OFF : Insert the battery and tighten the light head to turn on the flashlight, unscrew the light head to turn it off. 2. Please tighten the light head to turn on the light before you go underwater, and do not unscrew the light head until you have gone out of water to avoid leaking underwater. 3. The total runtime will be extended significantly if the light id used discontinuously. Battery installation: 1. Unscrew the head 2. Insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head 3. Tighten the head Battery charging: 1. Insert the battery with the anode side(+)towards the charger anode side(+) 2. Red indicator means In charging; Green indicator means fully charged. Friendly tips: The distance and brightness of the light underwater is depend on the visibility of seawater. The seawater is cleaner, the visibility is higher, and distance of the light is farther. Replace O-rings: There are 3 O-rings to enhance the waterproof performance of the torch. Please replace the O-ring if they are damaged after prolonged use and regularly lubricate the O-rings so as to not erode the rubber. Read more OrcaTorch D520 OrcaTorch D550 Upgraded Version OrcaTorch D530 Lastest Version OrcaTorch D560 OrcaTorch D800 OrcaTorch D500V+ Output 1000 Lumens High-1000 Lumens/ Low-367 Lumens/ Strobe-1000 Lumens High-1050 Lumens/ Low-220 Lumens AA battery-180 Lumens/ 14500 battery-630 Lumens 2100 Lumens High-1000 Lumens/ Middle-425 Lumens/ Low-85 Lumens/ Strobe-1000 Lumens Runtime 2h High-2h5min/ Low-5h45min High-1h50min/ Low-6h AA battery-1h25min/ 14500 battery-1h 3h20min High-1h30min/ Middle-4h10min/ Low-18h30min Power Supply 1×18650/ 2×CR123A/ 2×16340 batteries 1×18650 Li-ion battery 1×18650 Li-ion battery 1×AA/ 1×14500 battery 2×26650 batteries 1×18650/ 2×CR123A/ 2×16340 batteries Battery Included ? ? ? ? ? ? Switch Type Rotary switch Tail magnetic switch Side button switch Rotary switch Rotary switch Side magnetic switch Waterproof IPX-8 (underwater 150m) IPX-8 (underwater 150m) IPX-8 (underwater 150m) IPX-8 (underwater 150m) IPX-8 (underwater 150m) IPX-8 (underwater 150m) Beam Distance 250m (On land) 253m (On land) 351m (On land) AA battery-73m(On land)/ 14500 battery-119m(On land) 336m (On land) 318m (On land) Working voltage 3 - 8.4 V 3 - 4.2 V 3 - 8.4 V 0.8 - 4.2 V 5.5 - 9 V 3 - 8.4 V Dimension 134.5mm(Length) × 24mm(Diameter) ×30mm(Head) 144mm(Length) × 25.4mm(Diameter) × 40mm(Head) 142mm(Length) × 25.5mm(Diameter) ×35.5mm(Head) 92mm(Length) × 20mm(Diameter) × 24mm(Head) 222mm(Length) × 34mm(Diameter) × 66mm(Head) 152mm(Length) × 28mm(Diameter) × 45mm(Head) Net Weight 113.5g (excluding battery) 183g (excluding battery) 176g (excluding battery) 47.5g (excluding battery) 462g (excluding battery) 216g (excluding battery)
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